To Blog or Not to Blog

Starting Somewhere

It seems that Facebook notes could be construed as blogging sort of.  But everyone is “really” blogging so, why not do that too, I asked myself?  My personal observation seems to be that no one’s reading most blogs as they’re too busy writing one of their own.  So–I guess that eliminates the fear factor that someone might actually be reading my blog.  

I’m not sure what I might have to say, but I’ve been a journal writer– fragment writer as I like to call it as that seems more trendy somehow–so I’ve been a fragment writer for about 20 or 25 years which is more than a little practice in observation.   I still use passive voice in my transcribing (another way that I describe my writing).  Passive voice drives me daffy, but by interspersing poetry or at least poetic phrases, I’m more metaphorically-minded even though my poetry basically sucks.   In a nutshell –by nature I’m a note taker.  Recording my life on the fly. 

Most people confess they can’t find the time to write.  Neither could I, but that didn’t seem to stop me as most of my writing time has been spent on interstate highways while driving about 65 miles per hour.   I find that if I can grab any spare time to write it helps prove that I’m still breathing – everyone needs that reality check every few days. 

Morning seems the best time to write.  I’m a night person so that fairly blows that theory, but there’s something about the early dawn – that hope that maybe there will truly be a new day.  Maybe today will be the day I write that New York Times Bestseller that I’ve written thousands of affirmations about.  Maybe there will be a double rainbow in a sunny sky after an afternoon shower.  Maybe there will be world peace or at least whirled peas.  Maybe today I will drop every passive verb from my vocabulary and concentrate on active verbs like clutch, or grab or sink as in not swim.  I will quit naming things and make up my own words – which by the way I often do in poetry as there just doesn’t seem to be enough adequate ones. 

Morning just screams–“Pick up that pen and write, right now.  Time’s a-wastin’ girl.  You sure aren’t getting any younger and you know that those statins you take just kill any chance that your memory will be there when you really need it.”  So today I choose to blog in a real blog.  I’ll still do FB notes as well, but I will not fear blogging.  After all, I am woman.  Time to roar!  Or at least time to dust off those journals and explore that inner space known as me as I crawl around here on the bottom of this aerial ocean where I live and breathe. 

Now, if only I can figure out what I’m supposed to do in this cyber venue. . .


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