“Scribbled secret notebooks”

 Kerouac’s Spontaneous Prose

 Rule 1 Scribbled secret notebooks, and wild typewritten pages, for yr own joy


       What is it about the word “secret” that immediately peaks one’s interest?  Kerouac’s first rule beckons all writers to write then to transcribe just for the sheer pleasure of the writer.  Kerouac masterfully links secrecy and pleasure as the place of origin for the writer, the place to begin.  To be first and foremost in that primal place where thoughts conceptualize -almost before they are thoughts – before the necessity of names,  before the grasp of meaning,  before the logic of reason – this is where those who would write must start – that place of un-being. 

     Obedience to this first rule of writing, this note taking stage, begins the formation of pools of pure extracted thought.   Any writer faithful to this first rule, will begin to see buckets full of words spill out and over onto barren beaches. Until one day, rather in awe, the writer stands before a pool or a pond or a sea, one of his own making, into which he can dive – a chance to go down into the depths of thoughts – those scribbled secret thoughts – delve deeper than he ever thought possible.

     And if that writer is adept, he might begin to know what the scribbling has been about. He might find the pattern of currents, the ebb and flow of meaning somewhere in the deep, the pull of the moon on the tides.  He just might uncover on a bit of sandy shore or find in the littoral a single grain of truth of what was long held secret.

   And if, by chance, that writer is lucky, extremely buoyant, he might not drown.

One site to check for the complete list of rules –



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