Pen the Dream Along With Me


Marbled Wave Highlights

During April, 2011, National Poetry Month provides an abundance of opportunities to connect or reconnect with words through the poetic form.  I plan to Twitter a draft poem from snippets of dreams,  from journals and notes, hashtagging through the #TMMpoetry site.  I’ll tweet three poem parts for three days.   Tweet as normal if time permits, and then link to this blog.  Then repeat 10 times so I’ll have a 30 part poem at the end of the month.  That’s the plan.

Constructing a work in reverse seemed like a good idea at the time.  Already this month I’m distracted by the wonderful sites dedicated to poetry month as well as so many new books being released–Billy Collins is in the mail, and I just can’t wait!  

I’ll share snippets in Facebook, Twitter and comment as I go along.    And Twitter, if you haven’t discovered yet, is poetry heaven.  I am certain  e e cummings  would have been King.

I chose to construct in the reverse format mainly  because Twitter is a reverse feed of your life.  Your life lunges forward as you ”post” your tweets, but your timeline appears “in the stream” in reverse.   One thing is sure: beginning a journey in reverse makes it more difficult to see where you’re headed.  Hopefully, I’ll be at the beginning of a poem when I arrive on April 30.    

You just have to love Twitter!  It’s sometimes so confusing that it actually makes sense that it makes no sense! 

The three fragments posted below and at the end of each poetry-month blog will be in the correct order which I’ve labeled as parts.  I’m not exactly sure where line breaks will be yet but I’ve indicated a few.   I encourage you to write a few tweets in the poetic mindset.  

Draft Poem (untitled)

•We edge closer, fixed in finite infinity / Unscripted answers to wordless questions / Who will speak? Dare I ask? Write? ( Part28)
•From where do I know this lock of auburn hair? This one / I loosely twist round and around. Untangled. Tangled. Retangled.   (Part29)
• And scrawled upon what page is that written letter the one unsent/ one summer / a lifetime ago?       ( Part 30) 

A Few Thoughts on My Writing Process

In my first tweet, part 30,  I forgot the question mark.  Twitter auto-corrects to put periods in. If you delete something in Twitter, it’s out of your timeline so, in a way, you don’t get a do-over – much like life.  Since I didn’t catch the error, until my second post,  it was too late to fix.  It was a relief to make a mistake early, getting the inevitable out-of-the-way.  

Of course, I made a typo in part 29.  Use spell-check every single time – a rule I ignore.   It’s not clear if I am twisting the lock of hair, or if I am to twist, physically, and become tangled.  I will need to clarify that.  And I know that re-tangle isn’t technically a word, but I’m planning to use entangle in other places. 

I like making up words.  See e e cummings if you want to see the genius-of-making-up-words master.  Oprah and I agree that his complete works is a must for everyone’s poetry bookshelf – I’ve tweeted about that previously.  And Gregory Orr had an interesting article about Oprah and poetry in The Times so you might check out that link as well for his insight. 

Once part 30 anchored the ending, it will hopefully be just a matter of threading snippets together to capture the dream-like state between consciousness and unconsciousness – the ebb and flow between light and dark – those fleeting dreams.  

In part 28, “in finite infinity”  cannot be a possibility.  I love similar words that play against each other.  I also plan to use infinite.   Try saying “infinite in finite infinity”  a few times.  Whether words are necessary at all is a notion I like to explore in writing as well.  

On this trek through life, unscripted without knowing what the questions are, let alone the answers, I’m reminded of many favorite  Gertrude Stein quotes,  especially –”When you get there, there isn’t any there there.”    And her famous last words spur me on as questions oftentimes hold more revelation than the answers.  At the end of April, I hope the “there there” will be a penned drafted draft.  One can only dream–come…take pen…dream along with me.


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