Pen the Dream Along with Me (Part Four)

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During April, 2011, National Poetry Month provides an abundance of opportunities to connect or reconnect with words through the poetic form.  I plan to Twitter a draft poem from snippets of dreams,  from journals and notes, hashtagging through the #TMMpoetry monitored by @TellMeMoreNPR site.  I’ll tweet three poem parts for three days.   Tweet as normal if time permits, and then link to this blog.  Then repeat 10 times so I’ll have a 30 part poem at the end of the month.  That’s the plan.  For full details see Pen the Dream Along With Me.  


Become a Better Writer – Check Terrific Sites Celebrating  Poetry & Poetry Month 

  1. The Writer’s Almanac.   Subscribe to this site if you write.  It’s not just for poets.  The daily recap of historical events related to both writing and non-writing events provides a wealth of inspiration to readers.  Springboard from the recaps on various topics into free-writes of your own.  You’ll discover writers you’ve forgotten, some you’ve never heard of, and each day you can hear and read some of the best poetry available today as well as selected classical works. 
  2. Poetry Daily  This site features everything you need to know about contemporary poetry.  And during poetry month, if you subscribe to their special newsletter, you will learn much about classical poetry as well.  New releases, obits, relevant news articles, highlights from literary magazines and journals—you’ll find much here.  In addition to the regular daily poem, a weekly prose feature offers further fodder.
  3. The Poetry Foundation  Totally revamped this month, this site offers poets everything.  There are links now the Poetry Magazine, RSS feeds. Social connections, a poem a day delivered to your reader or you can still subscribe the old-fashioned way by email.  This is a must-connect-with site if you are serious about your poetry.
  4. NPR Tell Me More During poetry month, Holly Bass is the curator of the #TMMPoetry link in Twitter which looks for 140-character tweets of poetry to feature on Tell Me More, hosted by Michel Martin.  My project for the month was to tweet a part of a poem every day in April.  By the end of the month, the poem will be complete if all goes well.  It’s not too late to join Twitter and participate.  If you’re already on Twitter, then write something and hashtag it #TMMPoetry. 
  5. Knopf’s annual Poem-A-Day features great poetry as well as wonderful printable broadsides. The selections are always terrific.  You can still sign up to receive these poems daily during April. 
  6. This just in – I’ve been contacted by NPR Tell Me More.  They like my Tweet!  More details in my next post. 

 Draft Poem (Untitled)

  • Rhythms swell/ the threshold of slumber nears. Heaves. We breathe one breath, sweet, melodic mélange / Who enters here?                  Part 19
  • You take my breath, a faint vibration pulses your lips. I cannot close my eyes.Blue revenant roused from this imagined state.                        Part 20
  • In shadows, I mind a watchful eye as dawn looms/I will not undo you, will not peel back the layers that shroud you, shroud us.                              Part 21

A Few Thoughts on My Writing Process

In Part 21, I think I’m trying to convey the feeling that you have when you’re about to awake from a dream and you’re aware vaguely that you’re dreaming. Often I feel as if I will not think too much and get analytical by trying to figure out everything.  This is a time to let metaphors just be and just try to make yourself remember the dream you’re both watching and are a part of.

Part 20 and 19 overlap each other.  Twitter is not an ideal forum for a narrative piece so some of the tweets make little sense I’m finding.  I am drawn to the words “swell,” “heaves,”  “mélange,” “vibration,” and of course the old favorite, “revenant.”  And blue appears once again.  If I were Picasso, I would definitely be in my blue period right now.  So many shades of blue and such a soulful word as it applies to music. I love that sadness has this beautiful edge to it.  I also love that blue gobbles up things in the distance.  Do you ever notice how birds seems to disappear into the blueness?

My primary goal in this month’s exercise is to get words down.  After I’ve gotten a draft, I can start trying to craft it into some shape or other that will flow down the page.  I think when poetry is the form that the writing is taking, it’s important to try to finish it while you’re in the moment of that poem.  I find that going back much later to try to work on something is difficult as you’re not in that “place” any longer. 

Of course, a creative person never wants to stop tweaking – nor tweeting so it seems now.   You need to get writing.  Follow me to Twitter if you haven’t already done so.  Tweet.   Tweet.


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