Pen the Dream Along With Me (Part Six)

Light - Between the Dawn and the Dream

 e e cummings —”perdreamhapsing”

   I’m so excited once again this month–I just discovered that people have subscribed to my blog!    Thank you so much, subscribers.  I just found out about you.   One, a friend, Sandra, who’s listed in my blogroll, shares the most insightful thoughts, and her photographs are terrific. Sandra,  you were my first subscriber (from like months ago).   I  ♥ and thank you.  

     And to make this month even better, I’m actually learning how to use some of the features in the blog which all writers should know how to do these days.  I choose wordpress because…well, I honestly don’t recall why except I’m certain someone must have told me about it.  It has a lot of features and helpful screens about how to set things up.  The important thing is.  Writers need to write and a blog is the perfect venue.

   By now, I hope those of you who don’t consider yourself writers are writing.  Maybe you’re trying your hand at a poem.   Maybe you’re starting to think about what you have to say.  I’m hopeful that by gaining some insight into my thought processes you will try to write some of your thoughts down.

     Working on this poem this month is proving to be rather challenging especially since I’m tying it into Twitter and posting to my blog.   National Poetry Month, only one month out of the year, seemed to demand something more of me this cycle.  I am focused on having some finished pieces in place this year.  So for now, call me Telescope Taylor.  I am zeroing in on some distant star.   

     I’m drawn to the narrative style as this poem is weaving a story and is longer than anything I’ve attempted before.   It deals with the challenges faced in waking up from a dream when you seem to be bombarded by facts and images and know that you want to be able to recall them.   In dreams, you become other people, interact in strange and ethereal ways.  Thoughts, often vibrant and succinct, mesmerize you.  Often you have the sense of trying to talk to yourself as if through another character.

Of course, there are many other themes in the poem which I don’t fully understand at this point.   From a craft standpoint, my goal is to get the words down and hope that they’ll stick.    I’ll be free to work and re-work them and during that process will decide on the final form.   The evolution of this poem carries with it a degree of the unknown  as I’m working at it from the ending and trying to get to the beginning.  I don’t know the title yet either.  I hope my process isn’t too confusing to observe.


2 thoughts on “Pen the Dream Along With Me (Part Six)

    • Thanks for commenting, Gail. Collasping into myself would more accurately describe the past few days. Lol. I’m posting yesterday’s post today and two tweets today since yesterday seemed to have skipped over me totally.

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