Everything I Know About…

One of my original intents in writing a blog is to develop certain thematic arcs that I can expand and explore as deep concepts along the creative pathway of my life.  Some posts might cover the creative process, others might comment on living this dream (sometimes known by its other name–nightmare), while other posts might delve into what I’ve learned from experience on any given topic.

Today I feel compelled to move away from the creative strain of thought I’d been following during poetry month.  With the stresses of too many projects, I felt I should take a few moments and go out onto a different tangent. 

With Mercury still in retrograde, it seems like a perfect time to list everything I’ve learned about men, having garnered much wisdom and insight during the past few decades.  

Everything I Know About Men

Well, let’s see…



That’s pretty much it.  If you’d like to share what you’ve learned, please do so.  As @Queen_UK, the unreal Queen who tweets would say, it’s #ginoclock.  Cheers.

PS – I do think I can unequivocally confirm that perfect calves are hereditary, and I do agree with poet, Dorothea Grossman, that there is something quite vulernable about men in shorts.


4 thoughts on “Everything I Know About…

  1. Ooh it rings a bell 🙂 I do subscribe to your blog but get them as a weekly digest so look forward to relaxing in front of them with a big mug of tea 🙂

    • Hi Morgen: I think I did a list of my favorite somethings from one of your prompts. I’ve picked several prompts recently where you suggested changing POV from one person to another. I drew blank on lists today. And I don’t know if I shared with you that I needed a cloisonné artist for my last year’s NaNo story and one befriended me in FB. I love serendipity almost as much as UPS loves logistics. It’s been a very strange month.

  2. Is your month getting better? 🙂 I’m two-thirds of the way through http://storyaday.org and have followed all their prompts so have 20 stories (I’ve actually done more than that :)) so far…

    I’m conscious that I haven’t done any mixed podcasts for a while but the next two episodes will be an interview (with American erotica author Nobilis Reed) and part 3 of Oundle Lit Fest (crime writers Mark Billingham and Michael Robotham) so hopefully I’ll do episode 32 (rather than specials) the week after…

    • Hi Morgen: No. If anything, things just get “worser and worser.” I’m amazed and awed that you have completed so much. I look forward to the Reed interview especially since that genre fills such a critical void! Lol! I used to read a lot of mysteries but not in the last couple of decades. How do you ever accomplish so much?

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