Prospect the K9 Road Tripper- One Reason Why I Paint

Prospect Checks Out Old State House

      One reason I like painting plein air (painting outside for those who may not be familiar with that term) is that you never know what or who you may run into.   In April, the good fortune to paint ran the gamut.      
     The first outing this year I painted over by Mirror Lake.  The view of the Delaware state capitol building is unique from that viewpoint and one of my favorite sites.  My equipment minimal as I little idea where things are as I haven’t painted that much in the past few years.  My palette — a dinner plate, my paints–acrylic – various squished tubes from different makers, and my brushes–crew-cut beauties from every manufacturer known to mankind.  The easel was a light-weight aluminum water-color easel – not exactly the first choice for plein air or acrylics which handle much like oils–only not as pliable.  Well they don’t mix that well for glazing and acrylics are more opaque and stiff.  They aren’t that much like oils, OK.      
     While there a visitor or two stopped by.  A bird of prey – some sort of hawk or something – caught a fish and circled overhead for a long period of time to show us his catch.  There was the usual amount of Canada goose poop to walk around and not slip on and there was a breeze that was a little too breezy and it was a little too chilly and my nose wanted to run and my coffee got cold.   And Maria and Dianne and Donna all did better paintings than I did.  But–was this ever fun!         
    I managed a colorful spring painting which subsequently sold to a serious art collector, Troy.  This painting hung in an art show sponsored by the Board of Trustees of Wesley College, is featured on my Etsy site and here as well, and now resides with its new owner.  It’s a well-traveled painting at this point.      
      The next plein air outing was on The Green — the central area of Delaware’s original government was centered around the Old State House, shown in the first photograph above.  Excitement rules here as the courthouse is located here as well and there are many characters coming and going the whole time.   Passerby’s can certainly ask a lot of interesting questions.   This time it was just Donna and Maria painting &  I employed the same set-up as earlier. 
      But this day, I met Prospect and his companion.  They’re on a K9 Road Trip and let me take their photograph in front of the Old State House.  If you need tips on dog friendly places when you travel, be sure to bookmark this site.  You can Like Prospect on Facebook and follow him on Twitter as well.  I’ll post my painting of him one of these days.        
     What the heck – I might start a PleinAir Road Trip.  I guess I’ll need to find some more of my gear before I attempt that but I think Prospect is on the right path!  Hope our trails cross again soon.  So far on my plein air trek, I waved farewell to a flying fish and met a dog who’s traveled over 20,000 miles.   I wonder what will be next.  Maybe a charming frog who will turn into a Prince?  I’ll keep you posted.   

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