Some Days Just Go to the Dogs

Dolly The Dog

      Wednesday is my usual day to paint plein air but today I spent almost all day painting gifts for a trip out west.  I just started painting dogs recently as, for some reason, I never found them to be a subject I was interested in.  But they’re fun to paint!
      The process of creation is what art is actually about – well that and capturing the light.  All art is about capturing the light.  I guess I get a fairly good likeness.
     I paint fairly passible people portraits sometimes, but usually I don’t get any likeness at all.  I’ll never forget the time I painted a pastel portrait of a local resident named Tom for a fund-raiser and someone purchased it at an auction because they thought it was a person named Becky.  At least I pleased 50 percent of the people that time.  Usually my percentage is much lower in the pleasing department.
     Regardless of what you attempt, do the best you can.  At least Dolly won’t complain if I didn’t get her likeness.  I’ve also posted a painting of Bambi below.  He’s fluffy.  I don’t do fluffy well  in acrylic.  Fluffy works well in pastel – maybe watercolor.  Acrylic?   Oil?  –not so much.
     Pastel works the best for fluffy – the absolute best for hair.  The person I see on a fairly regular basis has wonderful auburn hair.  I’m constantly painting him in my head – outlining the negative spaces when he raises his arm to push his hair back – it’s rather long – sort of Tom Brady length – measuring the distance mentally when his hair falls across his eyes.
     Maybe one of these days, I’ll paint his portrait.   It probably won’t look like him, but it’s about the process.  Picking up those sticks of pastel and smearing them around on the paper.   And I can fill volumes about how light falls across his body.  But that has little to do with painting dogs.
     And I’ve completely forgotten what any of this has to do with anything.   I think I’m finished here.  Cheers.

Bambi belongs to Polly & Dolly belongs to Virginia and Vern


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