A Library Full of Original Books…

What a concept…

It’s exciting to learn that your work is available for review as part of an international project.  I received the notification just today that Your Name Here, my ArtHouse Co-Op book project, is now part of their digital library.   My original book, as well as hundreds of others, have been traveling around the country this year.

The co-op projects are ongoing and include an international line-up of participants.  This post serves as my primary link to my initial project.  I wanted subscribers to be the first to know about it.

More updates will follow on the process of creating this original book in a Moleskin journal and what was involved.  I encourage all artists and writers to consider the unique projects that Art House Co-Op offers.  I’m putting together a larger manuscript concerning this topic and this project helped me focus some of my thoughts in a creative way.

I will do an official call for additional materials when I get to the next stage in my larger manuscript.  I included a few friends work in this project who were gracious enough to participate.  It’s a lot of fun and I’m hopeful to have the manuscript done by the first of the next year.  Please feel free to contact me directly or comment.


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