May You Shadow Dance Even When No One’s Looking…

I like shadows.  Perhaps the substance in their nothingness attracts me. 

Perhaps this is why I shadow-danced the other day in a local state park, Trap Pond, on my way home from Thanksgiving weekend.  It was one of those beautiful late fall days–not even chilly enough to require wearing a jacket.

        Having spent several summers camping at Trap Pond when I was a teenager is one of the reasons I’m so drawn to this place.  It’s changed drastically but somehow, not really.  The basic pond remains and the bald-cypress trees still grasp their soggy-footed hold near the banks of the shoreline.  These trees defy logic in their steadfastness to anchor just slightly offshore.

        But today is about shadows.


Birds join me there – I see them flit across the ground.  Their perches high above me cast tiny, barely perceivable shadows on the leaf-cluttered floor of the forest.  And so it is I danced to music only I could hear.

  And It’s almost as if I listened hard enough I might hear sounds of youth trickling across the pond — far-off laughter and chatter.  Memories, another form of shadow, reaffirm that existence, remind me now of loves gained and lost — that long ago flutter of two hearts beating in rhythm in another dance…across another floor.

Wishing everyone a happy holiday season filled with lots of fond memories as you dance your way to plenty of new ones.   Cheers,  Taylor

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