Astute Insight Into Deep Artistic Thoughts…

Some days painting is just what you want to really, really do.  You don’t want to cry or pull out your hair.  You just want to paint.  So I finished this small plein air painting that I started a couple of weeks ago down on The Green.   It was too cold to paint that day.  I don’t do well in cold.  I don’t do well in heat.   Come to think of it, in weather, I expect perfection and don’t do well otherwise.  In painting…perfection…not so much.   I will have this with me at Delaware Made for First Friday Art Night (Decembber 2) . 12″ x 6″ acrylic

Elvis is always a hunka hunka cat to try and capture.  Everyone has a black and white cat.  It’s a law or something.  I started this last spring.  I, like cats, cannot be rushed.  I will have the painting with me tomorrow.  Not Elvis, though, as he’s always tired and prefers to sleep all day and if he’s up to it, he sleeps all night as well.  Note to self – come back as a cat.    6″ x 6″ acrylic

Woodland Beach, Delaware, is one of those cute looking waterside places that has a fishing pier.  This would be Woodland Beach on some sort of drug.  I got a little carried away with the colors but it’s the cutest little row of houses ever.  I started this about four, maybe five years ago.  I cannot be rushed.  I’m still not sure this is finished, but for now it is.  12″ x 4″ acrylic

So If you’re in Delaware this evening (December 2) stop by Delaware Made in Dover on Loockerman.    I’ll have some other things available and Tom has promised to pull all the corks on the wine!  Cheers.


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