Still Life – Star, Sea

Journal Focus

I’m never certain what attracts my creative eye.

This morning I first noticed an itinerant star ornament, reminding me of a starfish— the way it seems to have washed up on the beach of my pie safe – temporarily connected to blue – the sky, the sea – yet permanently now a part of the semi-permanent photograph I snap.

Maybe it was the cooler shades of blue that drew me in first — their promise to stifle some of the heat that never seems to leave in sync with his departure. These blues so close to the sparkling depth of blues in his eyes in cool moonlight, in warm sunshine.

Or maybe I’m caught by how steamy hot the waiting water for my morning brew seems. The economy of design – this little teapot snuggly fitted to its cup and saucer, juxtaposing of heat – cold. A reminder of my preference for mellow warmth. Yet temperance by the coolness of blue not to be ignored–an awareness that contrast brings about a greater appreciation, a clearer perception of all things.

Or could it be the stack of journals – some of THE journals, gave me momentary pause. Those leather-bound books full of creamy pages, marbled edges,  passionate scripts handwritten in shades of blue now bound in the neatly trimmed signatures.  So many words overflowing in boundless waves.

What exactly drew me in this morning to still for a moment this life to reflect upon material things – and him as he departs? What fascinated me enough that I was compelled to snap this quick snippet?

And will  this fragment shine brightly,  inspire? Will metaphors unfold into a cohesive poem, an intimate painting, a portrait of my life — stilled in this reflective moment?  What will remain of this captured twinkling in the quiet stillness after he leaves?

Or better yet, dear reader, what captures you?


2 thoughts on “Still Life – Star, Sea

  1. Beautiful imagery … great food for creative thought! Enjoyed this, thank you. So many things capture me in ways difficult to pinpoint. Some encourage daydreaming … some provoke challenge … and some simply inspire. Glad I dropped by today! Have a great week.

  2. Thanks Daisy. I’m so glad you dropped by with such encouraging words. It’s cold and dreary and you are a ray of sunshine. I’m experimenting with video links at the moment and the challenge of learning something new is anything but cheery. Thanks so much. And I hope your week is great as well.

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