Art in Five-Parts: The “BE” of Me & Other Idiosyncrasies

    • Art consumes about a third of my day, gobbles up most of my life in a rather chaotic way. 
   Paint It – Live It

To help readers and followers avoid being swept into the overall  idiosyncratic vortex of my creative and all-encompassing life, I’m simplifying  where you can find things pertaining to my art and art-related endeavors.    I’m developing a separate Facebook page and there you will find these five primary areas of focus :

  • Paintings
    • In these postings you will view current works in various stages of progress as well as finished works.  I will discuss such things as the history of the piece or the development of the idea and possibly what works and doesn’t.  Here I will discuss the general inception of the work as well as the provenance of completed works.
  • Artistic process and Journey
    • Postings of this nature will be more related to craft.  How the composition is developed.  What challenges were faced and overcome or not.  It will include tips on color, what palette was used, the medium, best practices.  In general anything that may help someone understand about the process that I used.
  • Philosophy
    • In these postings I’ll mainly discuss tips on why I paint, what compels me to create.  You’ll find quotes that I like.  Information on artists that I draw inspiration from.  Artists that drive me to distraction will pop up as well.  How I “AM” as an artist – the “be” of me as I like to refer to it.
  • Art Calendar
    • This sort of posting will list shows and events of interest.  I’ll list anything that I find exciting that I plan to attend as a participant or as a visitor.  I’ll list plein air dates and places.  interesting workshops and retreats.  You can expect to find information about anything up-coming that helps in either artistic awareness or development.
  • Art Collecting for Experienced and Novice Collectors
    • These posts will be of most interest to anyone who is already a collector of art or who wants to learn how to start.  These postings will also be addressed to those who may want to start with limited editions works before they progress to paintings.  My goal here is to take away the fear of buying original art.  Regardless of budget, anyone can start to build an impressive art collection with little time or effort.  As with many things, if you know the basics you can begin.   I’ll discuss my collection in detail and why I’ve collected various artists over the years.  And I’ll share stories of the ones “who got away” — way out of my price range before I acted.
  • Friends and Foes
    • Here you’ll meet my friends – some of my best friends.  Some may just be acquaintances.  Some may be deceased.  Some I might not even like that much.  But you will be introduced to some wonderful artists who I’ve run across during my career.

My goal is to not just make you a more educated consumer of art but to help you grow in your appreciation of all that art represents.  The struggles that artists face to bring art into the world and how much your appreciation or lack thereof can impact them is part of what I hope to convey.  You deserve to live in a world filled with exciting, thought-provoking creative expression and part of that experience comes from knowing a little about the artist and the process.  And if you’re an artist, you will see what I’m working on and maybe that will inspire you.  You can also learn valuable tips on how to talk about your work and learn about artists who may be working in the same medium or have the same philosophy that you do.

I urge you to “LIKE” me, Taylor,  on Facebook and to subscribe to my updates there.  I will still  blog here and keep you posted with shorter posts.  I plan to use lots of photos and videos on Facebook and YouTube so you can read, see , or just listen to my two-minutes of not-quite zen.  I hope you will join me on this journey in one venue or another that  I’m hoping to provide.

Your comments and questions are always welcome. It’s so much fun to be both an artist and a writer.  All of you can teach me so much.

In case the hyper-link fails, here’s the link for you to cut and paste:


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