Not Writing a Book in Your Head

Not Writing a Book in Your Head

Writing is your personal answer on your journey to discover what the questions are. I hand-write random thoughts, jagged fragments in jumbled cryptic description in my journals. My advice: Write down the rattle–there’s time for fixing later. n taylor collins, writer

Follow these simple writing steps and begin:

  • Focus on what you are thinking about when something strikes an emotional or tangible chord.
  • Begin writing your thoughts down – this is the part where the “writing a book in your head” becomes actually writing a book.  Take note — “Writing a book in your head” is thinking, not writing.
  • Write down your spontaneous thoughts.  Concentrate on the flow of words leaving your mind.  Watch them become visible tangible markings on a page.
  • Every day, or as often as you can, repeat this process. Just write down your spontaneous thoughts.
  • Write for 30 days.  If you do,  a habit of writing is developed.
  • Writers write.  You are writing that book. You are no longer just thinking.
  • For now, write. Write something each day for the next 30 days and the next 30 days.
  • Check back with me in 60 days for the next step..

Remember, thinking  a book in your head is not the same as writing it.   Writing stakes a claim on the writing part when you stake a claim on being a writer. 

A link to how I found inspiration in a card from a poet friend, Helen.

©2013 ntaylor collins (please keep credit with reposts)


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