Duned In In Delaware

the substance of a shadow in tall grass

Duned in in Delaware  Painting by ntaylorcollins (c)2014

Duned in in Delaware
Painting by ntaylorcollins (c)2014

I wrote this fragment a couple of years ago in a journal on one of those days when nature and I found harmony.  This past Sunday such harmony found me again at one of my favorite Delaware beaches, Bethany Beach.

I spent the day painting while my grandson had a grand time running in and out of the pounding surf and building various structures in the damp cool sand.  Gulls, kites, the small advertising plane with bright red banner in tow provided our overhead entertainment as clouds formed and reformed in an ever-less threatening array of rain clouds. For most of the day, the clouds dipped low enough to provide a hazy fog when mixed with the sea blues and grays.

Buried beyond the replenished dunes, housetops took on the muted colors of the day. Dune grasses struggle to keep a foothold and the low snow fencing help provide traction to the ever shifting sands. It used to be you could sit on the boardwalk or the seaward facing porches to a full view of the ocean.  The current dune situation is much higher than the boardwalk and the best view is from southern-end high rises or from the vantage point of the beach.

There was little hint of shadows in these tall grasses as the shifting clouds grayed the colors of the day.  As I captured this overcast mood on the houses, I was trying to decide if they are content to be nestled in behind the dune or whether they are standing on tiptoe peering over this powerful bulkhead.

If the past is any indication of the future, this dune will, too, soon pass. Or should that be — this dune will to soon pass… For now, I plan to get down there every possible day this fall to capture this fluid evanscent scene…


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