Three Steps to Creating A Poetry Chatbook

You are reading that right – this post is about a Chatbook not exactly a chapbook. A fun project in  August which coincided with my birth month was to write  a lot of short form fragments and create a Chatbook of them.  Chatbook is a company  I saw advertised frequently on Instagram. The concept seemed painless, and I needed an easy way to display my poetry in the studio and gallery. 

Here’s how I made my Chatbook in three easy steps. 

1. Write. In my case, I used magnetic poetry tiles to compose my poems. I have various sets of them which are now all mixed together. 

Photo of Magnetic Studio Poem on Tin

2.  Instagram is a photo driven social media site with hashtags taking the driver’s seat. After I composed each poem I photographed and posted in no particular order. The key is whether you write by hand or compose by typing, Instagram responds to the photo you take of your work. Part of the fun of this process was to experiment with the various Instagram filters. 

You can write your poetry any way you want

3. Set-up a Chatbook account and follow the simple template with  their step-by-step instructions. It took me about 50 minutes to select the photos I liked and to add captions for the sixty poems I chose.

Chatbook on Display in Gallery

iInterior Pages

I sell my poetry in collages and cards and by having this small square book, I make it possible for customers to select a poem they like for inclusion in the work of their choice.  It takes little display area and is an inexpensive way to showcase some of the poems. 

There are probably cheaper ways to do this but for less than $20 this 60-page book is an attractive hardcover that has a professional feel.  You can select fewer pages and the cost is lower as well as choosing a paperback format instead of the hardcover one I chose. For my purposes, the hardcover $5 cost was well worth it.  The turnaround time was less than two weeks. 

Get writing. Get photographing. Make your own book. Happy creating. 


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