Swamp Drainers 101 – Indivisibility

Civics in action is not high on my feminist list these days. I’m old and tired.  So is our president.   Our big difference is I care about us, we, the people. He cares nothing about you people

But I bet you’re wondering if those women can really do anything? If, like me, you couldn’t attend the #womensmarch yesterday (January  21, 2017) and are wondering what will happen next..next is now. It is obvious we have to force a responsible cabinet be put in place if we can as our president’s incompetence is going to get us all killed if we don’t do something.

Sadly our president is a businessman who thinks he’s the boss of everyone. It may take him a while to learn he is a mere politician who serves many masters.  We cannot wait for his come-to-Jesus moment.

Draining the swamp is going to be a messy job and he needs our input to help him and jumping in begins now. #Indivisible is what we are as a people. #standindivisible is what we must do.

So I beg you– get ready to take on this battle. The main requirement to be in this movement is an open mind. Secondly, you must have a desire to learn how  with focus on how we can take the nonsense out of our government.  Our ultimate goal is to get responsible leaders in place in 2018 to serve we, the people.

So if you want to join in, MOVE. Share this link, make this plea – use my words if you want. But sign up for the phone call or webcast in the links.

Activism is not for everyone. Civics sometimes involves more than voting. I’m certainly not up to the task as physically as I was once and since my short-term memory isn’t what it used to be, my mental capacity could be questionable especially before coffee. But everyone can do something as a citizen.  We #standindivisible.

And for those of you who pray, use your time praying that our president has that come-to-Jesus moment real quickly. He is making a complete and utter fool of himself and us at the moment. The whole world is watching. Our whole wide world…friend and foe. Peace to the peacemakers.

We #standindivisible. I’m betting not just on the women to get this done, but on all of us. Now Move! Click here now to sign up. 


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