Not Writing a Book in My Head – Prompt 4

Writable about #National Poetry Month


Not Writing a Book in Your Head

Writing is your personal answer on your journey to discover what the questions are. I hand-write random thoughts, jagged fragments in jumbled cryptic description in my journals. My advice: Write down the rattle–there’s time for fixing later. n taylor collins, writer

Tomato By Any Name is an Appetizer – Part 1 of 2

So here’s what I really know about cooking. Let’s start with appetizers or in my case, a whole meal on certain days.

I have two best recipes for just about anything. If you know how to cook or not, you will find these of interest. If you master these top-secret carefully selected recipes you will never be at a loss when someone stops by or you are expected to “bring a little something” to a party or event.

Putting Me Back Together Again…

It’s so difficult keeping up with myself. I’m either off posting, or painting, or pinning, or writing, or reading, or liking, or linking, or sharing, or twittering. The cyber side always winning as I try to hone each aspect of my life into my creative and diverse interests.