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Hello and Greetings

I’m an artist and writer living a creative life in a world seemed bent on insisting that I conform.   Perhaps you share that problem as well.  It seems the world thinks I should be a serious adult and accept my role as a full-time mother (well actually grand-mother but that’s a long story that I can’t cover here at the moment.)  The world thinks I should date someone more age appropriate who could possibly act a little more mature than he is.   Passion, I repeatedly explain, is not a debatable issue.  The world doesn’t get me. 

But I hope that you will.  And I hope that I can help you in whatever struggles you may experience as a draftee in this experiment we all find ourselves in.   The posts here offer insight into my creative process, but I’m really interested in hearing what your creative process is.  Some days I’m stumped, and your thoughts on my thoughts could possibly help us both.    My random thoughts can range on any variety of topics from the creative process itself to the process of getting through the chaotic days that making art creates.   Everything is fair fodder– although I think most of my friends and family would disagree.  Disagree a lot!  Make that disagree a whole lot!

Visual art is life to me.  I often mix written work with the visual.  My art can be found at my shop on Etsy and on my website. Writing is breath to me.  I’ve been published a few times and know tons of people who are writers and artists.  My contacts run the gamut from the most masterful to the emerging professional to complete novices.  The best place to check out what I do is on my ME page.   I tried to break it out into the various areas of interest.

     Of course, I’m working on a New York Times bestseller.  You will find hints of some essays in my postings.   I’m spending at least four hours a day writing something – whether it be poetry, essay or memoir.  I am available anytime to help any of you with journaling.  I’ve used every sort of method over the past 30 years.   I am putting together a comprehensive booklet that I’m hoping will be helpful to anyone having trouble connecting with their inner self.  I can’t tell you how many how-to writing books I’ve purchased over the years.  My method should help save you some time and a whole lot of money.

              One of my main goals in blogging is to start a dialogue.  I hope to hear from you if I post something that strikes a chord.  The creative process poses many challenges to those who strive to lead a relatively normal life as well as being involved in the every day demands that creation entails.  Click here if you wish to view my personal greeting.  We learn so much from each other.  Your thoughts and comments are always welcome.    

     On a business note, I’m actively involved in various arts organizations and am a past national president of the National League of American Pen Women.  I serve on the Greater Dover Arts Council.  I am an active member of the Dover Art League, the Delaware Arts Alliance,  and Delaware by Hand.  Over the years I’ve established contacts with many persons at all levels of the creative food chains.   I was even at the top of a chain for a while.  My art has been collected for many years and is in various government, corporate and private collections.  I am especially happy to be part of the Delaware Folk Art Collection which you can view on-line and at the Blue Bell Barn in Wilmington Delaware.   I still actively show my work in group and individual shows and paint weekly with a plein air group.  I’m starting an art gallery with friends which has detracted me from regular posts here but I’m gearing up for the fall and will be posting regularly again.  

I am available for speaking and workshops on many aspects of creativity as well as art collecting and journaling.    I’m working on a couple of specialized blogs which will be linked later.   I Twitter and Facebook at ntaylorcollins.  If you are most interested in art, please “Like” me and subscribe to my facebook posts at Taylor.  I’m posting everything about art there. You can find all my writing related posts at TaylorCollinsWriter

 Life’s a balancing act.  I’m usually teetering on the edge somewhere.  Since the edge is where all the excitement is, I’m usually almost ready to fall on my face.  If you want to learn from my experience on how to get some things done without sacrificing your creative spirit, please subscribe and follow along. 

I must emphasize that I hold my breath a lot and just jump.  But even that is usually a forward motion…

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    • Hi Ruth. No the email is still OK to use. I have everything forwarded so I forget to go in and delete everything once in a while. Thanks.

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