Full Twitter Poem -April 2011

      In Twitter, I’ve been writing  a narrative poem for National Poetry Month April 2011.   The fragments are based on a recurring theme of words, water, and, of course, love – or serious like.  Throw in a splash of Jung, a dash of myth.  Viola!  One part has been selected for NPR’s Tell Me More and aired on April 20.  Can you guess which part they chose?

       Link at end of poem will connect you with NPR recording and transcript.   I’ve also tried to include my full reading of the poem but haven’t been successful.  I can send podcast link if you want to listen to me read as you read the draft.  I know I’ll figure this out but your patience is requested.   You can find all the participating writers in Twitter under #TMMPoetry.  Yeah!  I finished the draft.  Now all I need is a working title and about I don’t know how many revisions.  Thanks for reading.  Hope you’re writing. 

  • A clasp unlatched. An entry? In deep blue, I cannot reveal what ends/what begins/begins to end again? From here, I cannot see .P1
  • Just like that-the flicker lured me in,drew me beyond those stars.In a blink/if someone asks.Just like that.I knew your eyes.  P2
  • And I drown again in deep blue. A line of script reaches me—ticker-taped—fleeting words trickle down. Nothing comes whole. P3
  • Perhaps last week–you rolled over one morning at half-past six.It was Sunday – but no sun /lambent rays shimmer in a hazy sky  P4
  • Radiant orbs. Rain? Thunder? Ear-muffed sounds. Where is the scent of the briny sea? With so much blue, there would be sea. P5
  • Did you ask, “Is this a dream?” In the moment between depth and light, what wanes? Anguished words stall now arouse me. P 6
  • A face a name you no longer recall/As if a stranger expectant long ago fled,stands now just outside the mirrored door. Shudders P7
  • Awake. He huddles in bluest light where slumber and finite shadows fade. But it is a dream, you re-assure yourself. Wake me P8
  • No one lolls there-the door faintly agape-no footsteps fell. And yet there was some thing/A flare? An orb? A re- kindled star? P9
  • Something afire?Eyes? A metaphor you cannot forget.Those eyes.What disquiet haunts you now?/Mayflies rise from an untold deep P10
  • From what sequel are we lifted?What incomplete epic etched by hand/ illegible now? What fragments of unposted letters remain? P11
  • In dreams,upon this darkened, shadowed stage,our characters murmur/ speak in unscripted dialogue. We clutch at passing words. P12
  • Memorable words. Words finite haunting, unforgettable at first light. But now, as pulses slow, together we enter a hushed world. P13
  • I feel you breathe/ weave round you in the close darkness. Rapt. This is hard. We struggle to tell not show. Write. Re-write P14
  • Like wild winter waves, we rush towards abandoned shores, Heave words, frantic scribbled scripts. Face to face to full face P15
  • How often before have you given me this leather-bound journal, scrawled script of anguished love? Again, this third body secure.P16
  • Our story evanescent bound ephemera/ a palimpsest at best. Like mayflies, overlapped fingers hover over recurrent penned notes P17
  • Serendipity no player here. Motionless/the self-same image appears/separate but still part of the greater whole. Transfixed P18
  • Rhythms swell/ the threshold of slumber nears. Heaves. We breathe one breath, sweet, melodic mélange / Who enters here? P19
  • You take my breath, a faint vibration pulses your lips. I cannot close my eyes. Blue revenant roused from this imagined state. P20
  • In shadows, I mind a watchful eye as dawn looms/I will not undo you, will not peel back the layers that shroud you, shroud us.P21
  • As frosted glints mesmerize / songs from the ethered hush, familiar whispered words, / lure us, maroon us on given strands? P22
  • New scripts written as we fly/ alter us. We mire in flux. Twist. Tangle. Re-write into the lateness of this languishing hour. P23
  • Float in dreamstance/ search / suspended on the cusp of dawn the portal ajar / dive again into deepest blue P24
  • Will our presence change/the script under study as we learn by heart, if not by rote, how not to forget this time…next time P25
  • Adrift in wordlessness, woven netted snares–I unravel threads of matted auburn hair-commit to memory each glistening strand P26
  • You—we—our return endless / like waves gallant in relentless revival. The recap echoes ever again…yet again…again P 27
  • We edge closer, fixed in finite infinity / Unscripted answers to wordless questions / Who will speak? Dare I ask? Write? Part28
  • From where do I know this lock of auburn hair? This one / I loosely twist round and around. Untangled. Tangled. Retangled. Part29
  • And scrawled upon what page is that written letter the one unsent/ one summer / a lifetime ago Part 30

 Click this link to the NPR Tell Me More selected entry.  If this link is not working, you can search NPR for “Taylor Collins.”  Did you guess the winning entry?

If the above links don’t work, try Muses and Metaphor link. 

All work (c)2011, ntaylorcollins


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